The proposed road calming measures below will be introduced before the developments take place.

map traffic

Above a composite diagram of all the proposed changes

Below BMDC supplied drawings








Menston Neighbourhood Forum

Minutes of a meeting held on Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at 7.00pm


Traffic and Highways

Simon D’Vali and Richard Gelder from Bradford Council’s Highways Department gave a presentation about traffic and highways issues in Menston and answered questions.

Simon D’Vali explained that the proposed highways upgrades are a result of the developments. An Open Day was held in Menston and all comments were incorporated wherever possible. Bradford Council is now waiting for the S278 agreements to be signed before finalising the scheme. The next stage involves the formal notification on site. Menston residents will be able to make written representations to Bradford Council’s Legal Services who will forward them to the Area Committee who have the authority to make any changes to the scheme.

Richard Gelder explained that the S278 had been sent to the developer to sign today. The Council’s Legal Services will be signing on behalf of the Council. Once the agreements have been signed the developers will transfer the agreed sums of money to the Council to finance the agreed works.

Following a number of questions about the validity of the consultation exercise and the S278 agreement it was agreed that the traffic development plans would be forwarded to Paula Truman, Menston Parish Council, Menston Community Association and Menston Action Group for comments.

Q. There is no evidence of the planning conditions having been met.

A. Richard Gelder assured the audience that details of the planning conditions would be available on the Council’s Planning Portal.

Q. Concerns were raised about the flooding issues.

A. If the flooding conditions were part of the condition in the permission, Barratt Homes must demonstrate how they will address them.

Paula Truman agreed to refer this question to Drainage.

A number of questions were raised about other traffic issues in Menston:

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