Below you will find some of the letters and surveys produced by MAG Volunteers giving their time and costs free, on your behalf over the last five years.


emails to Senoir Highway Developement Control Engineer

Taylor Wimpey commissioned drainage report, the Conclusions and recommendations are below.

Sirius Report C3545 page 25

On the 29th of January at the Regulatory and Appeals meeting at Bradford Town Hall, 5 years later the plans were rejected for almost the same reasons as the Sirius Report.

It is a mystery why they continued after this first report could profit be a clue

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IN ALL CASES MAG work closely with the MCA and the Parish Council as MAG members are on these committees, or attend their meetings


This is the letter received dated 13th February 2010 which invites residents to a Public information Exhibition which the BMDC and developers say was a consultation Dacres Commercial letter to Residents

MAG Responds in April with MAG April poster and Questions to the Parish Council

MAG motivates the village in June Neighbourhood Forum

MAG keeping up the pressure Public information Exhibition / Saving Menston Village2

Philip Davis MP on behalf of MAG invites Greg Clark MP in July

September MAG drum up objections Objection letter appeal / MCA leaflet insert SEPT2010 (3)

MAG gets organised Menston Action Group-Derry Hill Action Plan

MAG completes Train Survey  MAG Appendix 2 Trains   Objection Letter example   Housing plans submitted for former green belt land in Menston (From Ilkley Gazette).

October Celebrities back bid to block green belt ‘vandalism’ in Menston (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus).

MAG detailed response to Derry Hill Derry Hill MAG Response December 2010

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March presentation to the Neighbourhood Forum Presentation1

March Greg Clark MP replies to Philip Davis MP Greg Clark MP to Philip Davis MP

March MAG demanded a POLL at Parish council meeting notice of poll

March 17th MAG write to Bradford Planning with a number of requests including one to hold the next planning meeting at Kirklands Letter to Currie & Eyles

April MAG Solicitor writes to the Government 28 04 2011 Schofield Sweeney to The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP

Reply to Philip Davis to his letter asking for the plans to be called in for determination 25 05 2011 reply from Bob Neill MP to Philip Davis MP

MAG traffic report MAG Traffic


refer MAG Poster

Click to view BBC LOOK NORTH Reportsworld news

July Derry Hill and Bingley Road planning meeting adjourned

September at Kirklands, Derry Hill and Bingley Road planning meeting adjourned again as planners had not consulted the Environment agency!! a standard part of the planning process.

October Menston group wants bid abandoned click here

In November representatives of MAG and MCA attended an emergency executive meeting of Bradford MDC click here, here and here to view. Shortly after this meeting, the same representatives went to the planning department to enquire on behalf of residents why some of their objection letters had not appeared on the planning website. They were amazed as to what they learned. This led to a request to see the letters, (most of which had been hand delivered,) whereupon a number of boxes filled with the letters arrived. Some letters were not opened prompting the representatives to ask to see who was responsible for scanning collating and general sorting of the letters. A decision was made to audit the website asap, as it was apparent little notice was being taken of all the information these letters contained! A team over Xmas and New Year 2011 quickly set about getting the data click this link below to see what the outcome produced.           MAG Audit

November ‘Lack of transparency’ claim over Derry Hill and Bingley Road applications Click Here and here

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amount 1

It is unclear if Bradford Planners have read this Part of the LOCALISM ACT

Builders launch two-pronged bid to resolve Menston planning dispute (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus).

February at Kirklands, Derry Hill and Bingley Road Planning meeting, despite sound arguments against the developments, the committee chairman passed the plans be it with a heavy heart!! Mag and the other village groups to be consulted on the planning obligations to be included in the Section 106 Agreement before that agreement is completed. WE ARE STILL WAITING for that consultation.             Click to view the Calendar report –  Calendar film 1Calendar film2

One villager expresses his view of the verdict


March Menston campaigners vow to fight on after planning blow, click here

MAG detailed response to the Bingley Road site Bingley Road MAG Response February 2012 / Bingley Road MAG Appendix 1 Roads Feb 2012 / MAG TRAFFIC FACT SHEET / Roads

Presentations to the Neighbourhood Forum June Menston – Accidents Waiting to Happen – Rev D


July  MAG Fundraising film show

July Application for a Village Green on the Derry Hill site

No deal yet over approved Menston housing plans (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus).

MCA write to Bradford MDC Solicitor with regard to the Village Green inquiry BRADFORD CITY SOLICITOR 

August 13th Village Green Public Enquiry one of the many letters stating how the fields had been used Sledging etc The Barrister for the landowners claimed the sledging photographs could have been altered using Photoshop, but was not suggesting that!!, and the fields were flat therefore sledging could not take place.  below photoshop’d children sledging on a flat field!!


In hindsight we should have provided the 50 witness statements to back up the photographs we submitted. But although we lost the enquiry the weather was good to us providing us with more proof of Menston in flood in August and September when the drains over flowed and gardens flooded. DerryHill_Rpt

October Forum Forum Flyer – Presentation 2 

November Commons Debate Philip Davis to Nick Boles

December email regarding planning appeal planning appeal email

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Latest Press 106

January MAG raise awareness by arranging the BBC’s THE ONE SHOW to film and broadcast the MAG meeting at the Fairfax Club. Extracts were shown on the show Click to view THE ONE SHOW, to view the full meeting click here

Latest Press 128

February MAG give an update at the Village Forum

February Public Inquiry Public Inquiry notification

March MAG Flooding Report published menstonfloodingreport

April 4th Thursday Regulatory & Appeals Committee meeting on Derry Hill and Bingley Road Bradford Council’s solicitor had declined the request to circulate evidence from JBA Consulting and Professor Rhodes” as the flooding and drainage details would be explained at the public meeting on Tuesday extract from the minutes. This resulted in the unprecedented action of the 106 agreement being agreed in two days for the Bingley Road site (Derry Hill finally signed off in October 10_04551_MAFSECTION_106_AGREEMENT-3850342 )  thereby we were denied the opportunity to present our Flooding and Drainage Report at the public meeting on Tuesday the 9th of April as the developers pulled out at the last minute, the meeting was open and closed in 10 minutes . 

October Menston Parish Council write a Duty of Care Letter to Councillor Warburton Duty_of_Care The reply caused some concern and a feeling of being held in contempt due to spelling mistakes Warburton Reply

October MAG keeping you informed MAG Update 28th October 2013

December MAG members at MCA meeting with an update on meeting with BMDC re. flooding & drainage MINUTES Dec 2013

December MAG deviates a little to protect green fields with a petition Save our Greenbelt 6 

December MCA write to Stewart Currie MCA Letter dec 2013

LDF RESPONSE SPREADSHEET author Alan Eslegood MAG member

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January MAG objects to Chartford Homes development 13_04451_MAF MAG Flood Risk objection – 3rd January 2014

February Forum Meeting Forum Agenda give the village an update (click update to view) on progress so far, with a statement from Philip Davis

Graphic1  Philip Davis Statement that Steve reads

June This article gives you the clue why Bradford want to build, and why they try to push plans through against any opposition   Homes cash pot promised to Bradford Council increases by £3m (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus).

Over the years MAG has been in contact with the MP for Shipley Philip Davis seeking his help with regard to planning in Bradford, it now bears fruit as he get a debate in the House of Commons

June Philip Davis gets Menston debated Shipley MP Philip Davies wins a debate on Menston planning decisions (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus).

The transcript of Philip Davis speech House of Commons 5th of June or you can watch it here BBC Democracy Live – Adjournment debate

June Philip Davis speaks out MP slams Menston planning decisions in Parliament debate – Yorkshire Evening Post.

November  06 11 2014 Penny Mordaunt MP to P Davis MP

November 18 11 2014 Letter out to Mr G Carpenter

November Philip Davis MP Requests plans are called in for determination WARD

November Secretary of State Writes to BMDC 13_04451_MAF-ARTICLE_25_DIRECTION-4090134 saying not to grant permission to Chartford Homes to build 12 dwellings

December 14th MAG update flyer dec 2014 flyer and BMDC receive The Independent Flooding Report Independent review – Menston flooding problems

amount 2

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The MAG website is acutely aware the landowners, developers, agents and Bradford MDC involved in Bingley Road and the Derry Hill planning applications will be following our intentions to stop these inappropriate developments.

Be reassured the material on-going to achieve this end result will only be published when it is all in the public domain. 

January 11th invite to the High Court          poster 2

January 19th off to the High Court in Leeds OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

January Agenda for the R & A meeting on the 29th, note how a developer gets round the issues of roads schools etc on page 4. R&A Committee Agenda 29th January 2015

January 29th our first success   5 1 rosette devel Campaigners say ‘common sense is prevailing’ as major homes plan is refused (From Bradford Telegraph and Argus).

An anxious wait    court 3   Campaigners wait for judge’s decision (From Wharfedale Observer).

February Stewart Andrews MP speaks in Westminster Hall about Planning in Pudsey, Philip Davis gives his support by raising Menston issues Westminster Hall

February 5th  Schofield Sweeney in ground breaking case MAG version  –

Judicial review to go ahead over Menston housing development (From Wharfedale Observer).

February Bradford Web Site publishes the R & A Decision Notice. Forget New York, New York, the refusal is so good they have to name the reasons twice 13_04897_MAF-DECISION_NOTICE-4157559 they must be as pleased as us.

February local press repeat our successes Menston Action Group makes history with plans challenge (From Wharfedale Observer).

March 4th MAG members were involved in the Bradford Core Strategy hearings for 11 days at the Victoria Hall in Saltaire  for information please click on these links Bradford CS Draft Programme v2 250215,    Alliance set to talk about flooding data (From Ilkley Gazette).   PLAN-IT NEWSLETTER FEB 2015Ilkley GazetteProposed Core Strategy Housing redistribution 11th March 2015. The Inspectors report will be published later after BMDC have answered all the questions he has asked them. 

forumMarch 10th At the Menston Forum Chris Schofield from Schofield Sweeney, Solicitors gave an update on the complex legal position of the three sites.

March 10th Secretary of State replies stating they are not calling in the plans for the Chartford Homes Site as they are committed to give more power to the councils Chartford Homes Not calling in.

March 21st MAG attended the localism meeting at the Clarke Foley Centre in Ilkley, it was very informative see newspaper report

Chartford Homes Site

Chartford Homes Site

 Maybe Wellies and Inflatable Armbands are required with deposit

April 2nd BMDC approved Chartford Homes Plans, but this may not be the end just yet !!!!

April 13th Menston residents join up with those from Guiseley Over a hundred people turn out on a cold windy and rainy Sunday afternoon to protect the green belt. The walk around the Leeds and Menston boundaries was arranged by The Community Voice On Planning. Support was shown on the day by Bradford Councillor Anne Hawkesworth  (and boy was that Sou’wester needed), and members of WARD and MAG. For a full report see The Alternative Menston village website and the Wharfedale Observer

April 13th Menston Action Group and Schofield Sweeney win in the Court of Appeal

Menston Action Group win ground-breaking appeal MAG and BBC report 

May MAG’s Legal team submit an application for a Judicial Review on the Chartford Homes site

July MAG start leaflet and poster campaign to raise more funds


Leaflet final 001

July Dates for the Derry Hill Judicial Review announced 15th and 16th of July at the Leeds High Court.

July Menston Action Group and Schofield Sweeney are given permission for a Judicial Review on the Bingley Road Chartford Homes Site. click for press release Further success for MAG and Schofield Sweeney MAG

August 27th  At the Menston Parish Council Meeting we learnt

BINGLEY ROAD development (137 homes) The Developer Taylor Wimpey North Yorkshire at the last hour, 6th August 2015 has lodged an appeal through the Planning Inspectorate against Bradford Council for refusal of planning permission at Bingley Road    Application No : 13/04897/MAF A full public inquiry is likely

CHARTFORD HOMES BINGLEY ROAD (12 homes) Good news we now have the date

DERRY HILL Judicial Review which closed on July 16th-The result  is currently not in our favour BUT the MAG legal team are looking at this with some urgency an update as regards the NEXT step is in the pipeline.


CONTINUING CONTACT WITH YORKSHIRE WATER with regard to the Raw Sewerage that overflows down Main Street many times each year

After the heavy downpours’ of the past week and the outflow of raw sewage for the fourth time this year more complaints & evidence has been put before Yorkshire Water as to the consequences of adding potential homes to the already ” not fit for purpose ”  drainage system.

October 10th CHARTFORD HOMES JUDICIAL REVIEW  postponed until 27th of November due to the Judge standing down

November 17th  Menston Action Group (MAG) has been given permission by the Court of Appeal to continue its challenge in relation to the proposed development at the Derry Hill site in Menston. MAG’s judicial review, in relation to Barratt Homes’ proposal to build 173 houses on a site at Derry Hill, was heard over 2 days in the Administrative Court in Leeds on 15 and 16 July.

Mrs Justice Patterson dismissed MAG’s claims, finding in favour of Bradford Council and upholding its decision to approve Barratt’s drainage scheme submitted in 2014, which was required to be based on sustainable drainage principles. MAG appealed Justice Patterson’s decision and, following a hearing in the Court of Appeal late last week, was given permission by the Right Honourable Lord Justice Lindblom to continue to a full 3 judge Court of Appeal hearing.

That hearing, likely to take place early next year, will consider whether Justice Patterson was correct in dismissing MAG’s claim that Bradford Council should have considered the potential for improvement of existing flooding issues in Menston when assessing Barratt’s scheme.

Lord Justice Lindblom noted that the issues in the Appeal were of wider public importance and it is believed that the Court of Appeal’s judgment (when given) will set new law in this area. This is the second time that a decision by the Administrative Court in Leeds has been challenged by MAG in the Court of Appeal – Mr Justice Stewart previously refused MAG permission to proceed with one of its grounds of claim, a decision that was overturned by Lord Justice Sullivan when MAG appealed earlier this year.

Schofield Sweeney’s Chairman, Chris Schofield, has been working with MAG from the beginning of the issues in Menston and has offered his time throughout free of charge. Menston residents held a referendum opposing the developments at Derry Hill and Bingley Road several years ago. 98% voted against the proposed developments and 2,000 letters of objection were submitted, despite this Bradford Council still approved the schemes. MAG has long argued that both sites suffer from problems with water emerging from the ground and that the proposed developments would increase flooding in the area. An independent expert on flooding, Dr Duncan Reed, has supported these claims.

November 27th  Menston Action Group (MAG) went before the High Court in Leeds The dual Judicial Review is against Bradford Council’s decision to grant planning permission for 12 houses on land at Bingley Road, and the Council’s decision to discharge drainage conditions of the planning consent. The judge, Mr Justice Dove, decided instead of dealing with both issues separately, he would wait until he had heard both challenges.

The matter is due to go back to court in Leeds on January 8th.

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The MAG website is acutely aware the landowners, developers, agents and Bradford MDC involved in Bingley Road and the Derry Hill planning applications will be following our intentions to stop these inappropriate developments.

Be reassured the material on-going to achieve this end result will only be published when it is all in the public domain. 


January 7th a Good News start to 2016 as TAYLOR WIMPEY withdraw from their appeal on the Bingley Road Site this is a resounding success for MAG and its legal team

January 8th MAG at the High Court in Leeds again for the second part of the Judicial Review of the Chartford homes Bingley Road Site. It is beyond belief evidence such as the photograph below is consistently ignored!Chartford Homes Site

 2016 ends Many meeting have held over the year with various bodies and are still ongoing, so no reports are able to be publish at this time.

The most significant news was that developers missed the dates when they should have started to build on the Derry Hill and Bingley Road sites. The Chartford Homes site is now well on the way to completion with a revised drainage system advised by Prof David Rhodes which hopefully will avoid the problems shown in the above photo.



Whilst there are no plans at this time for Derry Hill or the Bingley Road site, Bradford Planning are still in favour of developing these sites and there is no doubt they will pass them again if we are not vigilant.

Much work is going on behind the scenes to make developing these sites not a viable option  

On the 4th of June Menston Parish Council were informed of a Public Consultation to be held by Bellway Homes at Kirklands on the 15th of June between 3.30pm & 7.00pm.

MAG intend to assist the Parish Council to present the facts to Bellway Homes

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odd articles and reports that have been difficult to place in order

To the planning panel

Jonathan Readhead c

 odds n sods 1

MCA leaflet insert SEPT2010 (3)

Standard reply

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