Brief History of Menston Action Group

Menston Action Group (MAG) came about from an amalgamation of two like-minded groups at either end of Menston village. The groups were concerned with what they saw as inappropriate development at Derry Hill and Bingley Road in the heart of their village.

Even though the groups were acting independently, it did not take long before the common cause brought them together and they could see a united approach toward the proposed developments was beneficial to all. A committee and constitution soon followed and all the usual officers were elected. This was at the beginning of 2010 and coincided with the first of the major planning applications being submitted first by Barratt Homes with 174 houses and subsequently Taylor Wimpey with 135 houses. The plans were on Green Field sites which had been taken out of the green belt.

The well organised group immediately set about constructing smaller groups who were to look at the various aspects of the effect large scale development may have on their community, responsibility for road congestion, infrastructure, rail overcrowding ,schools, flooding and drainage were set up and the initial studies went very well. A website was established and numerous meetings  orchestrated.

Over time the Roads report was produced along with a similar Rail Study both very professionally published.

Major documents were sent to the planning department on numerous occasions. Over 2,000 objection letters were sent to Bradford MDC .and by Sept 2010 the group were operating at maximum effect.

However the other more official representative groups in the village, Menston Community Association (MCA) and the Parish Council (MPC) appeared to be a little slow to respond to the perceived threat from the developments. Fortunately the other groups started to mobilise their activities and before long a very well publicised Referendum was held 7th April 2011. The result was emphatic with 98% of voters stating NO to the developments. All three groups were now united in the efforts to stop the developments

The next major campaign was the Village Green application which took place in August 2012 and even though this was defeated the strength of feeling in the village against the developments was growing stronger. This continues to date and there have been so many headlines it would be impossible to list them all but a selection are available on this website.

An in depth audit of the objection letters found flooding and drainage was a major concern, in fact 34% of respondents stated as much with 4% having direct experience of flooding problems. This has now become the main focus of stopping the developments, masses of evidence have been submitted to Bradford MDC and after several attempts at proving there is a problem in the area it was agreed to have an Independent Report Commissioned. This is also on the site. You can come to your own conclusions?

So what of today, to quote from our M,P. Philip Davies in Sept 2010 “ We should carry on fighting until the first brick is laid”  MAG is determined that no bricks will be laid, please read the newsletter to start off 2015.