Report for Menston Parish Council with regard to the Bellway Homes development on Bingley Road

JBA Bingley Road Note to File 2018s0087 310118


Please click on the links below for Reports used by Professor David Rhodes in

FLOODING – a novel solution!     Tuesday 26th April 2016

Ref. 1      BradfordDistrictLocalFloodRiskManagementStrategy

Ref. 2     Independent review – Menston flooding problems

Ref. 3    FLOODING REPORT MPDBI 5th June 2015 with Appendices

Ref.4    DRAFT 5A Constraints on Water Run-Off JDR + G Dixon Paper

Ref.5   Proof of Evidence

Ref. 6   Full report_JDR_April 2014 – final

Ref. 7  abstraction-reform-govt-response

It is critical of the unconventional method used and some terminology of the MAG Flooding report, but reaches the same conclusion, That the developers have underestimated the amount of flood water leaving the sites

Independent review – Menston flooding problems

Please click on the link to view the MAG Flooding Report. This report was held back from the Planning Committee on the grounds they would not understand it.

JDR_Proof_ of_ Evidence_March2013


Conclusion of Dacres Commercial report

Sirius Report C3545 page 25


The History of the Derry Hill Watercourse

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