The MAG Fighting Fund started in June 2010 and is run in a personal capacity by a professional accountant for no payment. Every item of income and expenditure has been carefully accounted for since the fund began.

We have received unsecured loans totaling £134,500.  Of this £64,000 specifically relates to the application for Judicial Review.

This does not of course remotely recognise the huge amounts of personal time and, in many cases, personal expense provided by a number of Menston villagers.

Going forward there are likely to be further very significant costs in connection with:

– the Bingley Road flooding matter

– the desired Judicial Review

– a Public Enquiry – if called in as hoped

If you wish to contribute towards these significant and substantial costs you may send or drop in a cheque at the addresses below

Please make cheques payable to: Menston Action Group

3, Albany Row Menston LS29 6HA

4, West Winds Menston LS29 6QD

39, Hawksworth Drive Menston LS29 6HP

2, Red House Gardens Menston LS29 6PZ

Small Print  29, Main Street Menston LS29 6B


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