If the developments go ahead ….

  • It is already recognised that Main Street and surrounding roads cannot cope with the existing traffic, so it is proposed that they will have “traffic calming” measures and parking restrictions imposed (see proposed Road Layouts).
  • Approximately 550 plus extra vehicles will be leaving and entering the village at the start and end of every working day.
  • The A65, already very congested, is likely to be grid locked between Guiseley and Otley.
  • The trains are at capacity now so it will take longer to get a seat on a train.
  • The old water courses in the fields will be disrupted and could lead to water appearing elsewhere.
  • The overloaded Victorian sewers will be full to overflowing.
  • After heavy rain the existing flooding will be increased many times.
  • These planned developments are on the higher ground above Menston, and the  water the extra houses would displace could be heading your way.
  • Menston’s infrastructure is already over-stretched. How will our dental and medical services accommodate a planned 40% increase in population?
  • Our schools are near capacity now, where will future Menston children go? to see what Councillor Ralph Berry, the Council’s portfolio holder for Children and Young People’s Services has to say click this link TELEGRAPH and ARGUS. 500 shortfall in school places now, so what does the future hold?

You may be of the opinion that the council and Developers would have measures put in place to protect the village.

But .. have they?

All Councils receive many millions of pounds from the Government as an incentive to approve building. Once the developers have gone, who will accept responsibility for flooding and drainage problems?

Who will be able to get insurance against (entirely predictable) flood risk?

Will Bradford Council accept its responsibility as the Lead Flood Authority, and will they have the resources and the funds to put it right?