The Bradford council leader was furious with Philip Davis MP due to his intervention in regard to The Bradford Core Strategy being put on hold
she complains it will now give developers the chance to build on the Green Belt, but great areas of green belt are given away within the Core Strategy Plans!!!
read her comments in the Telegraph and Argos


MAG Respond

The response from BMDC is disingenuous to say the least

Land currently in the greenbelt is protected from development under current planning legislation and its inclusion within the greenbelt is just cause alone to refuse planning permission unless of course,

other pressures are being brought on the planning officers which may lead them to recommend planning approval by the elected members.

Needing to build on the Green Belt to maximise profits for those developers represented on the Bradford Property Forum does not constitute an “overwhelming need”.

If they do need to build, there are plenty of sites that exist already having partial or outline planning permissions

and many more previously used sites that could be brought forwards to meet the oft quoted overcrowding within the traditional city boundary.

They could also ensure that the 7000 or so empty properties within the city are brought back into habitation.

We are in this position because the approach of BMDC after much consultations with Bradford Property Forum ,

was to disregard the needs and wants of the citizens of Airedale and Wharfedale, and the planning portfolio holder went as far as going on record in the T and A to say as much in 2015.