A MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our supporters

And thank you for all your donations this year please keep them coming in as next year will be the most expensive year to date. with the Chartford Homes Judicial Review concluding on January 8th, the Taylor Wimpey Bingley Road Public Enquiry sometime in June and our Appeal on the Derry Hill decision soon after.

Well Santa paid us an early visit round Menston this week and there was no hiding place for those of us with a touch of the BAH HUMBUG’s. well done to him and his little helpers, maybe we should ask to borrow his amplification system so Bradford Planners cannot fail to hear us.


We didn’t get the same as Cumbria but!



Read the Wharfedale Observer (click) for a full report, it looks like planning in Leeds is in the same ridiculous state as Bradford’s.

As for Menston just the same old situation, roads flooded with sewage, fields, gardens and the electricity substation flooded.

Photographs and video’s sent to all relevant parties.

MAG are ending the year on a HIGH Note 6 years on and NO DEVELOPEMENTS

MAG wishes all their supporters a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS

We look forward to next year which could bring a conclusion to these three battles with the Chartford Homes Judicial Review (part two) in January, the Derry Hill Appeal sometime mid year and the Public Enquiry into the Bingley Road Site in June.

 Below is an account of the Judicial Review held last Friday from the Wharfedale Observer


HOUSING campaigners in Menston are due back in court in the New Year after a judge ruled he wanted to hear evidence about a second challenge to Bradford Council before coming to his decision.

Menston Action Group (MAG) went before the High Court in Leeds on Friday in the latest chapter in its legal fight against plans for hundreds of new houses in the village.

The dual Judicial Review is against Bradford Council’s decision to grant planning permission for 12 houses on land at Bingley Road, and the Council’s decision to discharge drainage conditions of the planning consent.

At the hearing on Friday, the judge, Mr Justice Dove, decided instead of dealing with both issues separately, he would wait until he had heard both challenges.

The matter is due to go back to court in Leeds on January 8th.

Housing developer Chartford Homes was given planning permission for the Bingley Road development earlier this year, despite MAG raising concerns about the suitability of the site, which it says regularly floods after prolonged rainfall.

Alistair Kennedy, partner at Leeds law firm Schofield Sweeney, which has been representing MAG in court, said the judge heard details of the Judicial Review regarding the challenge to the council’s grant of planning permission at Friday’s hearing.

The challenge to the discharge of drainage conditions will take place at the next hearing.

MAG Claims Bradford Council improperly failed to consider the ability to alleviate existing flooding issues when it granted planning permission, and that the local authority’s regulatory and appeals committee was materially misdirected by council officers when informed of the water storage proposals for the site.

The judge will have the Option of rejecting either challenge, allowing planning permission and the discharge of conditions to stand, or quashing one or both of Bradford Council’s planning decisions.

Meanwhile, MAG is involved in further legal battles regarding housing plans, as well as preparing for a public enquiry about a 137 house application that was rejected by Bradford Council.

A full three-judge, Court of Appeal hearing is due to take place next year regarding a planned 173 house development by Barrett Homes at Derry Hill in the village.